James Lawrence

Ironman Triathlete

Taking the right supplements is important to keep athletes healthy and competitive.  A lot of people ask me what supplements I take to keep going on my quest to run more and more triathlons.  As many of you know my goal for 2012 is to run 30 full Ironman races in a single year.  And I’m training hard and heavy right now.

I’ve determined that ASEA gives me the ability to recover quickly, so I can get in some pretty important training during those weeks where before taking ASEA I was too sore to train.  Without it I would be laying on my back. The more I can train, the better athlete I become. I’m able to recover quickly, get back on my feet and just go out and kill it again.  I don’t want to be without ASEA.  I think my performance would drop.  I think I would be risking injury.  I absolutely love it. And I’m going to stay on it forever.